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Food production and cooking are languages; are identities - the primary needs of all Mankind. In reality, culinary skill and the ability to capture the right mix of flavour and spiciness is what make eating so pleasant. Such a pleasure is a sign of the tranquil relationship of Mankind with Nature and Life itself.

Join our network of ORGANIC FARMS and enjoy a CULINARY JOURNEY ON CRETE. You will live close to the people who produce and bring food to your table through a pleasant and healthy way,. You will get to know those who, with the legacy of centuries, have learned to utilize the sometimes scant resources that Mother Nature has made available to them, in order to secure their existence. They are those who nowadays consist the FOOD COMMUNITIES.

You will get to know the intellectuals of the soil and the sea… those who use Nature’s fine arts to turn milk into cheese, grapes into wine and raki, grain into dough and bread …

... If you so wish, you can become one of them.